Service Announcements 

1st January 2018

Happy New Year to all users. Here's to 2018!

5th December 2017

New App preview webinars - 16 complete, thanks to those that attended and the positive feedback. More details in the e-newsletter on this link

30th October 2017

Please refresh browser cache when you login in for the first time by pressing Ctrl F5 - http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

29th October 2017

15:30 - Dashboard update all complete. Please read e-newsletter sent to all users or the blog post about the new features and updates... https://touchrightsoftware.com/touchright-v5-dashboard/

26th October 2017

Don't forget, dashboard server shutdown tomorrow night from 8pm.
E-newsletter sent to all users today has a short video of the new changes...

19th October 2017

News about the dashboard changes have been sent to all users via e-newsletter. Please read...

10th October 2017

*** Server dashboard shut down Friday 27th October @ 20:00 for the V5 update *** Please sync all reports before this time or when we notify you that the dashboard is available...